D  U  N  D  E  E

W E S T    C H U R C H

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When a community gathers to do things together there is a presence which rises above the ordinary.

We are on a journey of enlightenment and we welcome everyone. We make no judgements, we are open to change and we enjoy helping to make things happen.

From January 2016 Gordon Sharp is our locum, providing pastoral support.

Rev. Patricia Ramsay acts as Interim Moderator

Interim Moderator Rev Patricia Ramsay

T: 01382 669600 E: patriciaramsay505@btinternet.com

LOCUM and Commons Development Worker: Gordon Sharp MBA BA (Hons)

T: 01382 2643002 M: 07982064753

E: gordonsharp264@gmail.com

For Pastoral matters please contact either Gordon Sharp or

Paul Preece (01382 668126) of the Pastoral Care team.