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Right Now


“Creating a place of radical hospitality, creativity and spirituality to which all are welcome and within which all can learn.   

With an emphasis on social and environmental justice, the creative arts and human well-being.”

We are a people on a journey, learning as we go, Inspired by faith, involved in community. We seek, through the talents and enthusiasms of people, to re-discover the light of faith for today.  

We embark on the journey every Sunday at 11.00am.  You are all invited to join us.  We engage with tomorrow and the questions it brings.  Your input is important.

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Summer 2016

Events - All Are Welcome



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16th March

11.30 am - 2.00 pm

Lunch with the Dundee Nablus Twinning Association in support of a children's project on the West Bank.

19th March

11.00 am

Sunday morning - led by Gordon Sharp

21st March


Progressive Christianity: Dr Tony Black on Politics and Confucian priorities - making well-being a priority.

23rd March

2.00 pm

What Does Jesus Say? Dr. Dominic Crossan on the Challenge of Jesus (DVD)

26th March

11.00 am

Sunday morning - led by Gordon Sharp

29th March


Faith and Fairness - inter-faith discussion on faith & social action.